Our skin asks different things of us at different stages in our lives, from the teen years to our 50’s and on.  And it can be overwhelming to choose the right skincare product, especially with the 1000’s of skincare products available today!  We have all heard the well known saying, put your best face forward. We, at servello, like to say put your healthiest face forward. We feel the health of your skin goes deeper than your skincare regimen or the products you use.  Beautiful skin starts from the inside. In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle with proper hydration and a healthy diet, balancing stress levels, and getting adequate sleep, we still want guidance/information on what products to use for these different stages in our lives.  That is why servello has put together a guideline to what is important for each age group, and our suggested servello products that best fit these age groups.

THE TEEN YEARS can be smooth sailing or wreak havoc  on the skin. It is a time of changing hormones and sweaty sports activities.   While there are many different approaches to acne, given by many different skincare companies, dermatologists and estheticians, whom we respect for their years of education and vast knowledge, we take on the philosophy that less is more; to not overdo it when it comes to treating acne.  We strive to achieve balance in the skin, and to not disrupt the pH of the acid mantle of the skin. A challenge at this age group, but we like to give it a try. If we had to choose only 3 items from the servello  product line for teens, these are our choices and the why :

Yarrow Lemongrass Face Toner.  Yarrow is the star ingredient here.  Yarrow has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. The Ute Indians healed wounds and scrapes with a yarrow poultice applied to the skin.  This alcohol-free toner is amazing at clearing up black heads on the nose, and keeping them away, without drying out the skin. It is simple to use, effective, and quick, making it a great option for ALL teens. They are usually a little reluctant to do a skincare routine, or are just learning how to do a skincare routine, and may get side tracked and forget (thank you hormones). So, the ease and quickness of a few swipes of this toner, day and night, and after sweaty sports practices, will help keep the black heads away!

Acne Treatment Serum.  Spot treat acne with a holistic and natural approach. This organic concentrated spot treatment serum is made with organic aloe vera, hyaluronic acid for balanced moisture, willow bark extract and servello’s own proprietary Acne/Oily Skin Essential Oil Treatment Blend to naturally and gently help heal acne and prevent new ones from appearing.  We like to stay away from the stronger acne treatment ingredients, like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, as they may over dry the skin to kill the bacteria, but then the oil glands overcompensate and over produce. 

Palmarosa Green Clay Mask exfoliates & deeply cleanses the pores. The green clay is soothing, calms redness, and this mask is packed with bacterial fighting essential oils and herbs, soothing calendula, and marsh mallow root. It is perfect for teen skin. It comes dry, so the 2 oz jar goes a long way.  Mix even amounts of clay and water to form a past, apply to skin and sit. I have had teenage boys in the house, and yes, they will do this, with a little reminder.  They want their acne cleared up, and they see results the first time, so they are happy to use it! It can be easy to use as a quick spot treatment, by mixing a tad of clay and water in the hand, and applying directly to just the cystic or large acne spots, leaving on for 10 minutes then rinse.   

THE 20’s ARE ALL ABOUT KEEPING THINGS NATURAL AND START BUILDING A SKINCARE ROUTINE  Skin is fresh, young, subtle, healthy at this stage. Congratulations, if you have made it past the acne stage!  A simple and healthy routine is to gently cleanse, apply a daily antioxidant serum, and a balanced moisturizer. These are the 3 steps that need to take place.  Other steps can be added in too, of course, but if you are to do the healthy minimum, then these are the steps to follow.  

Foaming Face Cleanser with lavender and chamomile will deeply & gently cleanses the skin without leaving a residue. The perfect foaming cleanser for removing makeup. Lavender and chamomile essential oils help fight acne bacteria, soothe and ease any inflammation. Organic plant based oils condition & moisturize the skin. surfactant and sulfate free.

Blueberry Vitamin C Serum is packed full of antioxidant fighting ingredients to help fight off the assault your skin encounters on a daily basis from damaging free radicals. Introducing an antioxidant serum at a young age gives your skin a fighting chance again the elements, age and harmful sun rays.  Free radical damage is not necessarily something that you ‘see’ happening to your skin on a daily basis, as the damage accumulates over time, but do know that this serum is working its magic under there, and every drop of this serum is a drop to healthy looking skin in the future. 

Jojoba Aloe Face Lotion is a light, unscented and extremely moisturizing face lotion, also available in an spf formula. Perfect for this younger age group, or oily skin.   In the skincare world Jojoba oil is referred to as the second skin, because its chemical makeup is very similar to the skin’s own oil, which helps it to balance oil production.   

YOUR 30’s IS A TIME TO FIGHT THE FIRST SIGNS OF AGING. You may start to see pigmentation spots arise, either from sun exposure or old acne scars, and fine lines may start to appear around the eyes.  Making sure to exfoliate on a regular basis,(and taking care not to over exfoliate, as this causes inflammation and premature aging) is key to exposing fresh new skin cells, and more importantly is key to proper absorption of face and eye serums.  Without proper exfoliation, the serums are not able to penetrate to the level in the skin that is needed..

Cranberry Exfoliator is a dual purpose exfoliator that feeds your skin with balanced healthy omegas and antioxidants to fight free radicals, while gently and evenly exfoliating dead skin cells away using perfectly round, natural and biodegradable jojoba beads, prepping your skin for proper absorption of face and eye serums.

Anti Aging Eye Serum nourishes and plumps the delicate skin around the eyes,  helping to diminish and keep away those pesky fine lines in the eye area. Essential oils of carrot seed increase circulation and chamomile helps calm puffiness. This is one of the most delicate skin areas on the face, so helping it to stay nourished and protected is vital for healthy eye areas in the future.

Brighten Up! Hyperpigmentation Face Serum is a concentrated brightening serum to help alleviate the appearance of hyper-pigmentation spots that we start to see at this age group. This organic formula gets its’ brightening effects from all natural ingredients that have been studied for their tyrosinase inhibiting properties, including licorice root extract, lemon peel bioferment, vitamin C and servello’s own proprietary Pigmentation Essential Oil Treatment Blend.  Apply this to hyperpigmented areas in the evening to help reverse the signs of dark spots.  

YOUR 40’s CALL FOR FIRMING AND TREATING. As we age, your skin cell turnover rate slows down,  requiring a bit more help to keep skin looking fresh, healthy and taut looking. 

Tropical Enzyme Exfoliator uses enzymes as a gentle and effective alternative to AHA’s. Enzymes naturally and gently exfoliate at a deep level by digesting the proteins that bind the dead skin cells together.  Great for sensitive skin and rosacea skin, but good for all skin types. Prepping your skin with a good exfoliation is key to getting your skin ready for better absorption of all the benefits that firming and treatment serums have to offer!  

Cucumber Eye Serum feels just as if you are putting slices of cucumbers on the eyes, but way better! Reduce puffiness with cucumber hydrosol, hydrate with hyaluronic acid, and firm with sea kelp and plant based peptides. The eyes, at this stage, need a little more help to prevent skin sagging, dryness and puffiness. Give them more deep moisture and help build back up firmness with this crisp cool eye serum.

Firm Up! Face Serum provides firming, hydrating and anti aging properties to the skin with active nature based ingredients of hydrating hyaluronic acid, soothing rose hydrosol water, two plant based peptides for increasing collagen & elastin, and anti-aging and antioxidant rich extracts of hibiscus and green tea, and edelweiss extract to help fight collagen break down.  This serum provides your skin with a natural, soothing way to give it a bit more firmness and lift, like it did a decade ago. 

YOUR  50’s AND ON ARE ALL HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION!  As we age, our skin loses its ability to hold onto moisture as well as it did in its younger years. It has less of a fatty layer, and needs more help with hydration.  These three products below are our best vote for achieving just that!

Hydrating Green Tea & Cranberry Mask is packed with ingredients that are known to hydrate, rejuvenate and delay further aging. With an Aloe Vera base, this mask deeply hydrates the skin as well as rejuvenates. Cranberry and Green Tea extract are high in Vitamin C, A, E and loaded with antioxidants to help rebuild collagen and fight free radicals.  Cranberry oil provides the skin with balanced omegas. Add this mask to your skincare regimen on a weekly basis for that extra hydration that your skin craves. 

Pumpkin Carrot Face Serum is an excellent anti aging face serum to help renew skin through cell regeneration, smooth appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase firmness and elasticity. Rosehip seed oil and Jojoba oil are the base to this power serum, which are great for soothing irritated skin and balancing moisture.  Pumpkin peptides, carrot seed, frankincense, and palmarosa essential oils attribute to some of the other power properties of this beautiful face serum. 

Evening Primrose Face Cream should be layered over the above serum to seal in moisture, as your final step in this hydration product lineup. This recipe is an original face product formulated and created by Tamara,  to help her mom with ongoing blotchy, red, dry patches on her skin. After trying every product on the market and every pure oil, nothing worked. Evening Primrose Face Cream was the only thing that brought relief. And she still uses it all these years later!  Rich & nourishing unrefined Shea Butter & Evening Primrose Oil are the stars in this famous unscented moisturizer. Evening Primrose Oil is rich in gamma linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that our bodies need in order to maintain healthy cells. Evening Primrose Oil is known for its’ anti-aging, anti inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties. It has shown to improve skin elasticity and help with  Rosacea and Eczema. 

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