Inhale the healing aromas that the Winter Forest has to offer; both in your home and in nature.

A Pacific Northwest Winter Forest

The smell of freshly cut pine trees fills the air with seasonal joy and memories. As more and more people take the artificial Christmas tree route, they may find themselves missing that traditional Christmas tree scent. They may also be missing out on some health benefits that they didn’t even know about.  

Servello has a solution. Bring the scent of fresh winter forest trees into your home this holiday season. Servello is pairing our Winter Forest essential oil blend with an aromatherapy diffuser ornament to give your artificial tree & home that fresh-cut pine tree scent, and give you the benefits of inhaling the aromas that the forest has to offer. Just hang the ornament diffuser on your tree and place a few drops of servello’s Winter Forest essential oil blend on the diffuser pad to create the perfect fresh cut Christmas Tree scent with notes of Pine, Cedar, Balsam Fir, and just the perfect hint of Clove and Lemon.To keep the tree smelling fresh and alive, refill every few days by placing a few drops on the diffuser pad. 


Not only will you feel like you have a fresh cut Christmas tree in your home, but studies have shown that there are many benefits to gain from inhaling the essential oils that the forest has to offer. Evergreen trees are loaded with compounds that have a variety of positive effects on the human body.

  • Cedarwood essential oil contains cedrol which studies have shown may reduce anxiety and stress, while also having a soothing effect on the mood. It is also good for congestion, coughs and to help clear the sinuses.
  • Balsam fir is the most fragrant of all the Christmas tree types. Its essential oil has been shown to help ease sore throat pain, coughs, and congestion. It also may help with nervous tension, depression, and stress related symptoms. It is a sedative and grounding.
  • Scotch Pine essential oil can help with asthma, sinuses, cough & congestion. It is also beneficial for helping with fatigue, nervous exhaustion, and stress related conditions. 
  • Lemon and Clove essential oils help clean the air with antiseptic properties, they reduce inflammation. Additionally, lemon is uplifting and clove helps with cough and congestion symptoms.

In addition to benefiting from the essential oils of the forest via a diffuser, take your self-care to the next level by taking a walk in the forest to benefit from inhaling the essence of the forest, and all that Forest Bathing has to offer. 


There are many health benefits to walking in the forest and  immersing oneself in the healing properties of the plants and trees, inhaling the essence that the many varieties of pine and cedar trees release naturally. Shinrin-yoku, a Japanese term, translates to “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”. Forest bathing has scientifically proven health benefits. Reduced blood pressure and stress, improved mood and sleep, increased energy and ability to focus, and a boosted immune system are a few.  In addition, studies in Japan have  found that forest bathers, after their walks, had an increased number of Natural Killer cells (NK cells). NK cells are a type of white blood cell and part of an immune system that combat disease. The researchers believe NK cells are boosted when people breathe in organic compounds called phytoncides, aromas of the forest,  that are released by trees.

Winter Forest Essential Oil Blend and Ornament Diffuser set

So, be sure to get your Winter Forest Essential Oil Blend and Ornament Diffuser Set today! Winter Forest brings the Trees inside, giving you the perfect fresh cut Christmas Tree scent with notes of Pine, Cedar, Balsam Fir, and just the perfect hint of Clove and Lemon. This is great for those that love that fresh cut tree scent!  And those that do not have real trees in their house, this can make you feel as if you do! And for those that do not celebrate the Season with a tree, this essential oil blend can still help you enjoy the wonders of the firs during the Winter months. Just like a walk in the Winter Forest.

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