The Founder 

Tamara V. Green, proprietor of  s e r v e l l o, is a Certified Esthetician, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a true love for plants and animals, and a desire to bring her ancestors’ philosophy of health, wellness and beauty to our modern-day style of living. Tamara is very passionate about Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine, and continually studies these modalities. She has worked in the pathology and microbiology fields, as well as in laboratories at Oregon Health & Sciences University. Through this desire, love and education of science and nature, she has carefully formulated these  plant based  products to bring her beliefs into your home. Tamara continues to formulate and handcraft her nature based organic  products. Her recipes are based on aromatherapy, herbalism, scientific botanical research, plant physiology, and the health & beauty regimens of her Italian ancestors. Buona salute! In good health! 

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s e r v e l l o skincare products are unique, plant based formulas uniting pure therapeutic essential oils, medicinal herbs, plant extracts, antioxidants and vitamin rich plant & vegetable oils. The Servello family roots come from a little hilltop town in Calabria, Italia.  The Servello family was made up of all girls, therefore the Servello name was not carried on.  This is Tamara’s way of carrying that family name on and honoring her grandmother, Victoria Servello.  Victoria Servello, Tamara’s grandmother, unknowingly started her on this road to natural health and skin care. As a youngster, all beauty and health needs were met with fresh items sraight out of the kitchen. Garlic, honey, aloe vera, Epsom salt, olive oil, and vitamin E were regulars in grandmother’s life. There were no bottles of fancy healers around, just natural ingredients.  The  s e r v e l l o  skincare line has stemmed from that same philosophy of natural holistic health & beauty.

s e r v e l l o  products are, and always have been, free of artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates & GMO’s.  Almost all of the s e r v e l l o  products are gluten free and vegan friendly, as well.

The Mission 10155142_10152083996593434_1674366412_n

The s e r v e l l o mission is to help bring skincare back to nature. We believe in the Servello ancestors, nature, purity, and in living a healthy holistic life. This plant based, science infused organic product line portrays those strong beliefs. All s e r v e l l o products are handmade with ingredients that are packed full of vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential fatty acids that the skin and body need. No products are tested on animals. We do not believe in adding any artificial chemicals or colorants to our products. All of the products are colored naturally with herbs, and only pure therapeutic essential oils are used to scent them. We want to be sure that what you are putting on your skin is good for the body as well as the environment!

UnknownThe Environment 

s e r v e l l o is environmentally conscious in our manufacturing & shipping procedures. We stay away from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, synthetic coloring & artificial fragrances. No parabens, pthalates or GMO’s are used. Not only are these ingredients compromising to human health, but they get passed along to our plants & animals through our water ways, contaminating our water & food supply.

We love recycling, and love to show it in our business practices! We use recycled packaging materials & boxes for our packing and shipping of orders. We either reuse the ones from our own bulk vendor shipments or purchase ‘seconds’, ‘misprints’ and recycled boxes at a local facility that specializes in recycled packaging material. We package our products in as much glass & metal as possible, but when we have to use plastic, we use recyclable plastic materials.

We like to stay close to home when purchasing our raw ingredients and packaging materials. Our raw ingredients are purchased locally in our own state. Our bottles, jars and lids are purchased here in our local hometown whenever possible. When they are not available here, we purchase within one state of us, minimizing shipping distance.

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