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Summer skincare routine

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– Summer skincare tips

The summer season has arrived, and the outdoor adventures have begun. Enjoy each sun filled day to the fullest, and make sure your skin is happy, healthy and radiant, too. Keep reading to discover important ways to support the health of your skin and body this summer season.


The summer heat and outdoor activities can cause the skin & body to become dehydrated faster than normal. Stay hydrated and feed your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water.  Here at Servello we love to harness the health benefits of plants by making batches of herbal & fruit infused waters. Some of our favoite blends are:

  • Rosemary + lemon + orange
  • Ginger root + lime + cucumber
  • Strawberry + mint +raspberry

Hydrate and soothe your summer skin with servello’s Cucumber Hydrating Spray. A great face & body spray to cool, soothe, soften and hydrate! Made with pure organic cucumber hydrosol – distilled in house in our copper alembic still, organic aloe vera and replenishing hydrating hyaluronic acid.


The UV rays of the sun are stronger during the summer months, and do damage to the collagen and elastin. A skincare routine and diet that includes lots of antioxidants can help prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin, which keeps skin tight & firm.

For the body, these foods are high in Antioxidants and easy to incorporate into a summertime diet: blueberries, dark raw cacao, citrus fruits, green tea, and broccoli. 

For the skin, choose from any one of these high antioxidant containing servello serums to add to your summer skincare routine: Blueberry Vitamin C Serum, Pumpkin Carrot Seed Face Serum, Super Seed CBD Serum (THC FREE)


Sunscreen is especially important for the health of your skin in the summer season when the rays of the sun can be at their most intense. Servello’s Jojoba & Aloe Face Lotion is available with SPF 30 and ready for your Summer Skincare routine. Formulated with natural minerals of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead of harsh chemicals. This light yet extremely moisturizing lotion is made using organic jojoba oil to balance sebum production, and aloe vera oil to heal, calm and soften fine lines. Scent Free. And, it’s Reef Safe! And be sure to check out our newest SPF Sunscreen Spray! It is super lightweight, great for kids, can be sprayed on the face, body and scalp, and is Reef Safe!

Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours when you’re going to be outside, more often if you’re sweating heavily or swimming.


Servello has the perfect products to get your body ready for the beach. Skin needs to breathe to look and feel its best. Exfoliating your skin once a week will remove dull congested skin build up, caused by excess sunscreen and sweat buildup, and allow your skin to breath, and be able to take in hydration & nutrients easier.

Servello’s Sea Salt Body Polish is the perfect summertime body exfoliator. Exfoliating your skin once a week will remove dull congested skin build up, and allow your skin to breath, and take in hydration, collagen building peptides & nutrients easier. 

Servello’s Firming Body Serum, is a lightweight gel cream designed to help tone, firm, moisturize and protect skin from environmental stressors. We use a synergistic blend of coffee bean, hibiscus and sea kelp extracts, tripeptides, and plant oils to help repair collagen and elastin, restore skin firmness, tone, fight free radicals and the breakdown of collagen & elastin, and hydrate & moisturize. 

Detoxifying Body Oil. Gently encourage detoxification and lymphatic drainage with cypress, grapefruit, and fennel essential oils. Servello Body Oils are formulated with specific essential oils and antioxidant-rich plant oils that contain essential fatty acids. Boosting your skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), these oils help skin to retain its own moisture, thus reducing dryness, leaving it soft and hydrated.


Servello’s Tropical Enzyme Exfoliator, a gentle enzyme mask is the perfect summer time exfoliator. Follow up with the Cucumber + Apple Clay Face Mask to clear out the final congestion and soothe sensitive skin.


Soothe and calm over exposed skin with this aloe vera and lavender Organic Hydrating Face Mask. This versatile mask will nourish, soothe, and heal sun kissed skin. Great for the whole family and can be applied all over the body!


The neck and décolletage are all too often neglected and equally prone to sun spots, dehydration, wrinkles and dullness if not properly cared for. Be sure to apply your Servello products, including your sunscreen, to the neck and chest for radiant summer skin!

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