Back to School Skincare

With Back to School right around the corner (and already here for some), we want to share with you some of our favorite products to refresh a sunkissed, spf loved, summer loving young face.

Help clear up acne issues and detox the pores from all of the pool, ocean water, sunscreen residue, and summer fun with these Servello products

  • Cucumber Facial Cleanser
    • Perfect for young skin, and sensitive skin
    • Enriched with calming cucumber hydrosol 
    • Ultra gentle, sulfate free gel cleanser washes away dirt, impurities and makeup for a fresh clean feeling. 
  • Organic Foaming Face Cleanser with chamomile & lavender
    • This sulfate free foaming facial cleanser is perfect for acne / oily prone skin.
    • deeply cleanse without leaving a residue.
    • Chamomile + lavender possess antibacterial properties to clear up acne and help keep it at bay.
  • Yarrow Lemongrass Face Toner
    • Alcohol free to gently & deeply remove trace residue from skin without drying it out.
    • Yarrow floral water soothes, heals and is an anti-irritant.  Improves circulation and aids in elimination of toxins. 
    • Perfect toner for acne prone skin, and clearing blackheads in the nose area
  • Palmarosa Green Clay Face Mask
    • Banish blemishes and black heads, the natural way
    • Deep clean pores and remove surface build up, helping to clear up blemishes and minimize pore size.
    • Use as a spot treatment at the first sign of a blemish.  Will effectively shorten the blemish cycle, reduce the redness of the acne lesion, and help it heal quicker. 
  • Acne Treatment Serum
    • Banish blemishes and black heads, the natural way
    • Our oil free concentrated acne treatment serum is formulated with Organic Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Willow Bark Extractto naturally and gently help heal existing acne lessions & prevent new ones from occurring
  • Jojoba Aloe Face Lotion
    • Our lightweight moisturizer utilizes organic jojoba oil to balance out oil production + aloe vera to heal and soothe.
    • Jojoba oil helps balance oil production in the oil glands.  It speaks to the oil glands telling them how much oil to produce
    • A great moisturizer for acne prone, oily skin, and pre teen, teenagers and young adults especially.
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